Medical Issues for Aging Adults with Ds
Helping Our Children Grieve
The History of Disability Advocacy
Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome

Become a “Road” Scholar!

Parents who want to learn now have a place of their own!

The Road Scholars is a place where parents and caregivers can share the learning process. Topics will cover issues that are important for our everyday lives. The curriculum will be rigorous, but costs will be kept at a minimum. Most of the texts will be available on which charges a small monthly fee for access to books. We’ll use video, research papers, and other online resources as well – from experts in the fields we’re studying.

Courses will be conducted over a 4-week period, to coincide with a month’s Scribd fee. Most work will be done independently after viewing a pre-recorded lecture. Depending on the course, you may be required to attend an online meeting or two – so that you can share with other classmates or hear from an invited speaker.

If you’re ready for some practical knowledge in a community of peers, become a “The Road” Scholar!