Caring for The Caregiver


Sometimes, parents of adult children with special needs do not consider themselves as “caregivers.” In this course, we’ll talk about what it means to care for adult children and how we can take care of ourselves in order to be better caregivers.


  • Yes, you ARE a caregiver: What is caregiving and how does it affect us
  • Staying healthy
  • Organizing tools
  • Learning from each other: Personal stories

Sample Resources:

  • “Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers.” Family Caregiver Alliance: National Center on Caregiving.
  • Abrahms, Sally. (2014) “The Caregiving Worries of Parents with Special Needs Kids.”
  • Philo, Jolene. (2014). The Caregiver’s Notebook: An Organizational Tool and Support to Help You Care for Others. Discovery House.