Narrative Through The Years


We can learn a lot about society and how people who have Down syndrome are viewed by reading personal memoires written by parents. In this course, participants will examine Down syndrome in a historical perspective, from the first personal story written by Dale Evans in 1953 to the recent film “Monica and David,” released in 2011. We will compare contexts and decide where our own stories fit in on a social history level.


  • The 50’s: What was it like?
  • Parenting an adult with Down syndrome
  • How things have changed
  • My story of caregiving

Sample Resources:

  • Evans, Dale. (1953) Angel Unaware. Baker Publishing Group
  • Monica & David – Film (2011) Alexandra Codina – director
  • Palmer, Greg. (2005) Adventures In The Mainstream: Coming Of Age With Down Syndrome. Woodbine House
  • Solomon, Andrew. (2012) Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity. Scribner